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As well as being specialized commercial photographers, we also produce amazing and impactful video products. 


Filmmaking looks different to us each week. We may be working on a flashy ad campaign video for a new product one week and highlighting an indigenous institution to raise awareness the next. We wouldn't have it any other way as we enjoy the variety and challenges of being diverse in our client list for films.


We get the most excited over video projects that are impactful, story-driven and endeavour to change lives, be that one or many. 

'Merissa's Story' below is a film project we are especially proud of. We collaborated with Merissa to tell her story and raise money for Canadian Mental Health. Together we managed to raise over $14,000 to support those suffering from mental health issues across Canada. 

Living on-mountain here in BC has its perks for film projects, included weddings and elopements that incorporate the couple's love for mountain sports. We were invited to film Barb & Ken's elopement on snow and happily included some authentic lifestyle elements to the proceedings. 

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