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Capturing real-life events with artistic beauty. Lifestyle photography, in one or more images allows the viewer to experience a slice of the life on display. We like to focus on a mix of candid and staged shots to effectively connect with your audience. 


Our lifestyle photography shoots allow us to capture the beauty of the every day, or the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ dream scenario. We capture real-life events in an artistic manner, showcasing the art in the everyday. 


In our lifestyle photography deliverables include a collection of images that will give your clients/customer base a clear indication of the benefits of your product or service. We achieve this by first understanding deeply what you do and how best to convey that message through imagery. 


Recent Work

Scroll through this select gallery of client product photography work to see what we've been producing for brands like Anon, Vertical Cafe, Sun Peaks Resort, Ski Bike Canada and more.

What to expect







Packages that compliment your brand image and feel.

We strive to produce product photography that integrates seamlessly into your brand presence while also taking your visual presence to new levels.


A simple, four-point process is the backbone of any of our client projects. 

Consultation allows us to set clear goals and expectations.

Production based entirely on the goal discussed in the consultation stage.

Delivery of full resolution finished images. Digital delivery ensures promptness.

Feedback Loop allows us to amend any images you may wish to have altered.





The creative possibilities for our lifestyle photography is exceptionally broad. We have delivered captivating photos for exemplary ski resorts, wine festivals and clothing brands, to name a few. 

Whatever your lifestyle photography needs are you can be confident in us. You can count on us to deliver quality and uniqueness.



Sun Peaks Resort were looking for a set of immersive images to showcase what a lesson with their Sports School looks like in the winter season. Producing images that captured the energy of the resort and service were sought after to fit in with and compliment Sun Peaks current marketing image bank. We provided a catalogue of shots from group, private, adult and kids lessons held at a number of locations across the resort.


We delivered a rich selection of beautiful action and lifestyle shots that really captivate and illustrate the 'lesson environment' at Sun Peaks as well as capturing some epic 'hero' shots of instructors and the surrounding views.